Battle Beam

Prepare for battle! The ultimate gladiator will be the one who can stand strong.  Intimidate your opponent and be crowned victorious as you attempt to knock all before you into the foam pit below.

Who will fall and who will survive? Let the battle commence!

The Rules

  • Winner stays on
  • Only 2 gladiators on the battle beam at the same time.
  • Only step onto the beam when the foam pit below is clear
  • Commence battle only when Park Marshal gives instruction to do so
  • Once defeated exit the foam pit immediately
  • Remember not to get overly aggressive, its only a game.
  • Follow Park Marshal's instructions at all times
  • Winners have bragging rights 

Monkey Bars

Our Monkey Bars provide a serious challenge.

Can you make it across without falling into the foam pit below?  Test your upper body strength and complete the toughest of challenges using the three levels to the other side.

Only the toughest will make it across!

The Rules

  • Only commence when Park Marshal gives you clear instruction to do so
  • If you fall into the foam pit exit immediately