This is where the action starts and never stops. Climb the Giant Stairs and jump from our high tower platform if you dare! Run and throw yourself off the wedge parkour style, jump from the raised platform onto a trampoline and propel yourself into the foam pit below. Or climb the ultimate stairway to heaven and swing from the trapeze, the first of its kind in the UK, into the 12m foam pit below. Hang tough and see the park from great heights.

Please note that weight and height restrictions apply

Prepare for lift off! 

The Rules

  • Only Jump when a Park Marshal gives you clear instruction to do so
  • Never pencil drop into the foam pit
  • Only one person on a Tower at any one time
  • Exit the foam pit area by the back and do so as quickly as possible
  • Only attempt skills within your ability
  • Do not bury yourself or others in the foam
  • Weight and height restrictions apply


Jump Evolution are proud to announce we have the first UK swing trapeze. Will you hang tough or be swallowed up by our 12m foam pit below? Whizz through the air at great speed and watch the action below.

The Rules

  • Only board the platform once you have been instructed by the Park Marshal
  • Only 1 person at a time on the Trapeze Swing
  • Always land feet first or on your back in the foam pit
  • Exit the foam pit by the back wall only